Company Background & Profile

Damascus Corporation, formerly known as the Damascus Pneumatics Corporation, was founded in Damascus, Virginia in 1980. At that time, the company produced pneumatically operated rock dusting equipment and hydraulic drills for the underground coal mining industry. The business enjoyed a steady growth and became known for its quality products in the region comprising Southwest Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

A response to other needs of the industry resulted in the creation of small, battery-operated personnel carriers in 1984. These 3-wheel, 2-man vehicles, designed to utilize golf cart components in their assembly, were found to be economical, durable and extremely functional by mine operators. They became very popular as runabouts, moving personnel, tools and parts underground in coal seams as low as 29 inches.

The success of this versatile little vehicle brought an awareness of the need for a slightly larger, mid-sized carrier. As a result, the MAC-8 transporter was designed and introduced in 1987 as an eight-to-ten-man personnel carrier. These battery-powered vehicles quickly earned a reputation for rugged dependability, and custom designs offered higher carrying capacities of people and materials, overhead protection, configurations for various coal seam heights and other specialized options.

By 1989, the company was advancing quickly, and completely redesigning the smaller vehicles, building them from new componentry with greater capabilities, more efficiency and increased durability. The battery-powered Lil'MAC was introduced in 3- or 4- wheel versions.

In 1992, Damascus Corporation moved to a larger building in Washington County near Abingdon, Virginia. Demands of the industry again sparked the birth of a new product, the diesel-powered MAC-8D. This transporter provides longer continuous travel distances by eliminating the need to periodically charge the batteries. Fully approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), it is a proven workhorse in underground coal mines.

The MAC-XP permissible transporter introduced in 2002 is for use where its explosion-proof qualities are required. With its state of the art regenerative controller, 72volt industrial batteries, soft ride suspension and quality construction, it can be built to carry from two to seven people.

Expanding and improving the line of diesel transporters has been important to the growth of Damascus Corporation. In 2005 we introduced two new diesel vehicles. The MAC-10D will transport up to thirteen people in seams as low as 38” and is available with a variety of seating options.  For use along belt lines and other narrow places we introduced the four-foot wide MAC-2D two person transporter.  In March of 2006 we delivered our first West Virginia approved diesel man-trip to United Coal’s Pocahontas Josephine #3 mine.

Constant product development and improvement is the key to our continued success. As the mining industry develops it will demand new and improved products and Damascus Corporation will continue to be a reliable and innovative supplier of personnel transporters.