High Clearance Model LEO

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• High Ground Clearance
• 60 Volt Battery System
• Front and Rear Automotive Disc Brakes
• AC Controller w/ Regenerative Braking
• AC 7 HP brushless high torque electric motor
• No forward/reverse contractors
• Direct Drive to 20:1 rear axle assembly with option differential lock
• Automotive type steering sector
• Adjustable steering heights
• Heavy-duty front leaf springs
• Roller bearing steering knuckles
• 1600# rear axle and bearings
• Optional enclosed wet disc brakes

Dimensions: Height: 36½" std. to top of steering wheel.
Width: 4’-0” Standard.
Length: 11’-¼”
Floor board length: 48"
Height of rear fender: 31½"
Turning radius: 12' I.S.
Ground Clearance: 11 ½” Standard.
Weight: 1200 pounds.
Payload: 2 person plus tools and equipment.
Electrical: 60 Volt AC programmable controller, no foward / reverse contactors, manual battery disconnect.
Batteries: 6 Volt 145 Minute @ 75 Amp
Battery Charger:

Quick Charge on-board automatic charger.
Input: 115 Volt —10 Amp
Output: 60 Volt — 18 Amps.

Headlights: One Front/Rear, 12v
Motor: 7 HP — AC motor — no brushes or commutator — Continuous — high torque
Brake: Dynamic braking within electical circuit assisted by mechanical disc/caliper brake, mounted on motor armature shaft, above deck out of mud and water
Rear Axle: 1600# Rear Axle with Tapered Roller Bearings, Grease Fittings at Wheel Bearings.
Front Suspension: Triple acting front Suspension is Rubber Mounted for a Smooth Maintenance Free Ride or Optional Leaf Springs
Rear Suspension: Heavy Duty Leaf Springs with Gas Shocks.
Tires: Front: 205/75R14
Rear: 205/75R14
Other sizes available
Tram Speed: 12 Miles per hour, approx.
Options: Seats, Canopy, Tires, Lift Kit, Wet Brakes