Metal Fabrication

Laser Cut Parts
Precision cut laser parts up to 1” thick material. The laser has the ability to cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Etching capability reduces layout times and maintains heat numbers on individual parts. Depending on the order size parts can be delivered on truck or ground shipment.
CNC Bending
In conjunction with the laser cut parts Damascus operates a 200 ton CNC press brake for bent parts. Precision bent parts reduce fit up and welding time.
Structural Steel Fabrication
Damascus's Whitney automated beam line allows for low cost, accurate structural steel processing. The beam line is directly connected to engineering software which allows direct download of drawings to the system for processing steel. Automated sandblast, cutting, punching, and steel manipulation allow for rapid process times and compliance with drawings. Manual secondary processing of gussets, tabs and connections allows for quality inspection during the welding process.


Miscellaneous Fabrications

OEM Subcomponent Weldments
Battery Box Subcomponents
OEM Parts Kits Shipped Complete for Welding
OEM Chassis