New 12 Passenger DAMASCUS Mining Underground Transport Truck (M.U.T.T.)

The New Damascus M.U.T.T is a 12 person carrier with a MSHA approved Cummin QSB 4.5 engine.  The M.U.T.T. has 18 inches of ground clearance and a overall height of 69.5 inches.  The automotive style controls allows new operators to learn quickly.  The rear cameras elimiate the need for mirrors.  Like it other Damascus diesel vehicles, it has hydrostatic braking, enclosed front and rear wet disk brakes and LED lighting.  The MSHA approved 155 HP engine is electronically controlled providing on-screen engine data and diagnostics.  The rear mounted engine is easy to access for maintenance and provides weight over the rear wheels to improve traction compared to vechiles with front mounted engines.  The M.U.T.T. comes with an enclosed cab with climate control to keep workers dry and comfortable.  Options include:  ROPS and FOPS and  four wheel drive.  Short versions are also available.  Let Damascus Corporation give you a hand with your underground transportation.  Call 800-390-7636 today.