Damascus Corporation: LIL'MAC SIZE AND BIG MAC DUTY

Damascus Corporation has developed a rugged 48" vehicle with more seating capacity that can travel further similar sized DC rides.  When you need the extra capacity in a small 48 volt vehicle then the MAC-4-AC is going to fit your need.  This highly maneuverable transporter can take you further down those narrow roads and leave plenty of room for driving around obsticles on wider roads.

The MAC-4-AC is a heavy duty small four seater with a 5400 lb rear end and AC brushless motor.  The 48 volts battery pack powers a 8 HP brushless high torque motor.  No forward / reverse contactors are found on this unit because it's all built into the controller.  Using AC technology allows the MAC-4-AC to travel futher than DC.  The controller efficiently uses the battery and provides a consistant torque throughout the battery charge.  When you are at 50% charge the MAC-4-AC performs like it does at 100%.  To signal time for recharging the MAC-4-AC drops down to a lower speed.  Conveniently charge at any 110V outlet using the onboard automatic charger.  The rear deck area is configured to accommodate the attendant performing CPR while the vehicle is under way.

Tram power is provided by a 8 HP brushless AC motor motor that is controlled by a Cutris controller using eight 6 volt 225 amp/hour or 245 amp/hour batteries. This system incorporates regenerative braking and has hydraulic disc/caliper brake mounted on the motor shaft.

Ride is softened by the use of a heavy duty seven point rubber mounted front suspension with coil over shocks. The rear uses leaf springs with shocks and a 5200 pound capacity axle.  The light weight front end allows easy steering using the automotive type steering sector.  Suspension seat are now available for added shock absorption.

All transporters are expertly constructed using rigid structural tubing and 11 guage sheet metal.  Before assembly the frames receive a very durable baked on powder coat finish for long life.

Damascus engineers can design a rescue vehicle to suit your needs using our line of Lil’MAC’s, MACXP permissible cars, MAC-8AC battery powered personnel carriers, or our MAC-3D, 8D, or 10D diesel powered vehicles.

Let Damascus give you a hand with your rescue needs. Call 800-390-7636 today.