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DAMASCUS Now Offers Ausco Wet Brakes for Dana D12 Axle

Improves Safety
Hydraulic Caliper brakes typically used on mining mantrips are subject to rapid wear and deteriorate quickly in mining applications. This puts an operator’s safety at risk.  Ausco’s wet brakes significantly improve vehicle safety. Ausco’s fully enclosed wet service brakes are designed for superior life, regardless of the environment in which the vehicle operates. The enclosed brakes will operate the same when they are driven through water, mud and other contaminates found in mines. Since the Ausco brakes are fully enclosed brakes, they also do not require a fire suppression system at the wheel ends and eliminate any concern for sparking.
Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Cost
Costly downtime and maintenance cost are a major area of concern in the business of mining. Hydraulic Caliper brakes are open to all the contamination that the mantrips drive through on a daily basis. This contamination and corrosion leads to loss of brake torque and rapid wear of the brake linings and brake components. The use of caliper brakes on mining vehicles leads to much downtime and increase maintenance cost for constant brake repair.  Ausco’s enclosed wet brake reduces vehicle downtime and maintenance cost. Ausco’s enclosed wet brakes significantly extend the life of the brakes with little to no wear to the friction material inside the enclosed brakes. This brake is built to take it!
Extends the Life of the Axle
Water intrusion and axle breakage are leading causes of failure on the Dana axle. The seal that protects that axle was designed for a golf car, not a mining car. Ausco’s unique double seal and grease barrier technology prevents axle maintenance headaches.  The brake positively seals the end of the axle tube to keep water out. This protects the axle splines, bearings, and gears from water intrusion, extending the life of the axle. Ausco’s brake also reduces maintenance by reducing load on the axle shaft. The brake features a stub shaft with an internal full bearing set. This eliminates the existing axle bearing package. In effect, the axle becomes a free-floating design, a feature usually found only on much heavier equipment. This reduces the possibility of axle fracture, a common occurrence on these axles when used underground.