MAC-3D Diesel Transporter

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• Narrow 5’ width
• Four-wheel fully enclosed spring applied wet disc brakes.
• Soft Ride five point rubber mounted front suspension with Air-Ride.
• Hydrostatic drive wheel units
• MSHA approved Deutz engine 48HP
• Automatic parking brake.
• Speed: 15 MPH.
• Grade Ability at Max speed 15%.
• Manual or Automatic/Manual Fire Suppression system.
• Engine in rear provides traction and ease of service.

Height: 35 ½” Min.
Width: 5’-0”
Length: 14’-5”
Turning Radius: 12’ I.S.
Ground Clearance: 9” Standard

Weight: 2000#
Payload: 2000#,4 Passengers
Performance: Speed 15 mph max., Maximum operating grade 18%
Engine: Deutz F3L2011, 3 cylinder, 48 HP at 2800 rpm, oil cooled, heavy duty industrial design, meets MSHA requirements for use in underground mining under Part 7, Title 30 CFR. Outby use only
Electrical: 12 Volt
Headlights: Two front, two rear, halogen, 12volt
Brake: Four-wheel wet disc brakes, spring applied, hydraulic release with automatic parking brake feature, Rear hydrostatic holdback.
Drive: Hydrostatic, using dual wheel drive units support tube and integral spring-applied brake, Wheel unit capacity 4500 lbs.
Suspension: Front — Rubber mounted A frame style axle with Soft Ride air suspension and heavy-duty gas shocks. Automotive Type tie rods.
Rear — HD leaf springs with heavy duty gas shocks and rubber overload bumpers.
Fire Suppression: Standard - Ansul manual actuated with engine shutoff. Optional — Ansul automatic/manual actuated with engine shutoff “Check Fire System”
Fire Extinguisher: #10 fire extinguisher, bracket and guard
Tires: Front: 23x850x 12 -6 ply or 27x850x15 8-Ply
Rear: 26x12x12 -8 Ply or 10-16.5 8-Ply
Capacities: Diesel fuel — 9.85 gallons. Hydraulic oil —9.6 gallons
Options: Canopy, Seating, Winch, SCSR Storage, and Tires. Contact Mfg. For more...