MAC-8 Electric Transporter

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• Solid state 400 amp, Controller with bypass
• 48 volt T145 batteries in removable battery pack
• Soft Ride five point rubber mounted front suspension with Air-Ride.
• Up to twelve passenger capacity.
• Automotive type rear axle.
• Speed: 7-9 MPH.
• Very low seam heights.
• Available in lay down or sit up driver position
Dimensions: Height: 26” Standard
Width: 6’-0” or 8’-0”
Length: 14’-0”
Turning Radius: 12’-6” I.S.
Ground Clearance: 8 ½” Std.
13” with optional lift kit
Weight: 2740#
Payload: 2500#, 6-8 men, 10-12 with optional deck extensions
Electrical: 48 volt MOSFET controller, forward/reverse/bypass contactors, circuit breaker with shunt trip encased in sealed enclosure
Batteries: 8 — 6 volt Trojan T-145, battery level indicator on control panel. Removable battery pack
Speed Reducer: Heavy duty parallel shaft
Battery Charger: Lester Electrical, Lestronic II, automatic timer.
Input: 230 volt — 1 phase — 15 amp
Output: 48 volt — 50 amp
PA approved underground charger available
Headlights: Two front, two rear, halogen, 48 volt no resistor required
Motor: Heavy duty DC motor-continuous-TENV
Brake: Hydraulic caliper service brake and mechanical parking brake both using a 10” rotor mounted on speed reducer output shaft
Suspension: Front — Rubber mounted A frame style axle with soft ride air suspension, heavy-duty gas shocks and overload bumpers Rear — HD leaf springs with heavy duty gas shocks and rubber overload bumpers
Front Axle: A frame style with 3500# spindles, automotive king pins and tie rods
Rear Axle: Automotive type 2700#
Tires: Front: 530 x 12 — 6 ply rating
Rear: 26 x 12.00 x 12 — 8 ply rating
Other size available
Tram Speed: 7 miles per hour